A) Coaching French / English

Prepare in advance your meetings and presentations with an experienced trainer.
Boost your confidence to speak out in public.
1 trainer, a sustained pace for an optimal preparation (1 or 2 days).


For professionals : on request

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B) Phonetics workshops

An absolute must at Dynamo!
You wish to improve your accent, speak excellent French or English,
Attend our training.

A good pronunciation is the basis of good understanding.

One and a half hour training sessions.


For professionals and individuals :

One and a half hour Phonetics workshop :

Number of participants 1 participant 2 participants 3 participants 4 participants
Pre-tax price 60€/hour per person 90 85 80 75

C) Finance seminar

Perfectly adapted for all working in the financial sector.

A one day seminar including scenarios and using the financial lexicon.

Led by Anne Pain, graduated from HEC, who worked for many years as a Top Manager (Internal audit, Chief Financial Officer).


For professionals and individuals :

Number of participants 1 participants 2nd participants and following
Pre-tax price in € 1800 1000

Our certifications

logo brightlanguage
For over 20 years now Bright Language has been helping companies to assess and score the foreign language proficiency of staff members. We offer this test in 6 languages.
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logo cdccpf
A certification eligible for the CPF (Personal Training Account)- OPCA financing.Bright language tests will enable you to obtain funding.
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