8 languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, German

1 week immersion course includes :

  • Phone assessment of the participant before arrival: recommendation of necessary weeks
  • Sending of a student information document
  • Personalized welcome and departure by DYNAMO driver
  • 7 nights (breakfasts & dinners included) + 1 cultural and touristic weekend in the host family
  • Handing out of a DYNAMO educational kit
  • One-to-one courses, 6 hours a day/30 hours a week
  • 2 luncheons with teachers
  • 2 group activities
  • 1 real life and professional outing
  • 1 oral test
  • Report


In 3 weeks, A level (Real Beginner) gains an everyday life autonomy
In 2 weeks, A1 level (Beginner) gains an everyday life autonomy
In 3 weeks, A2 level (Intermediate) gains a professional autonomy
In 1 week, B1 level (Advanced) able to address questions and answers at a meeting

Our host families

brausch   gaich


For companies : on request.

For individuals :

Immersion Individuals
Pre-tax Price in € 1st week
(25 hours)
Pre-tax Price in € 2nd week
(25 hours)

Multiple options: several participants, couples, couples with children...

* 20% VAT

Dynamo also offers IMMERSIONS for teenagers and children.

Immersion Individual Groups
(2 participants)
(3 participants)
(4 participants)

Pre-tax price in €

/person 1st week
(25 hours)

1688 1488 1225 1075

Pre-tax price in €

/person 2nd week
(25 hours)

1350 1175 1030 900

* 20% VAT


Our certifications

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