Teachers in PAU



French teacher
An MA in translation, with an MA in French as a Foreign Language and a two-year university degree in English.
Karin lived in South Africa for 10 years where she worked as a French teacher at the Alliance Française. She also worked as an interpreter at various conferences in Southern Africa.
Karin has 25 years' teaching experience.


Lisa English teacher
Lisa holds a CELTA certificate to teach English from Cambridge University and is also qualified as an Executive Bilingual PA. Lisa is Irish and also speaks French. Lisa has been teaching English at all levels including Secondary/University level students as well as professionals from the engineering sector in France.


Anthony Anthony obtained his BA degree in Business Studies while working for Shell Mex and BP in London, but then found his true interest in helping students of English realize their full potential. In addition to writing on the accelerated learning of English and compiling a hypertext self-study software program, he has worked for many years in London and Pau with business and general students of all levels and in all business fields.


julieta French teacher

A two-year degree in Management and Marketing and a MA in French as a Foreign Language, Juliette first teached management in France. She also worked as a French teacher in South Korea, Australia and New-Zealand.

Cindy OTAL

Cindy French teacher
Cindy has a Bachelor's degree in psychology, with a teaching option, and a Master's in French as a Foreign language. She has business experience and has often lived abroad. Her specialty is video-conference-lessons.


anne French teacher
Graduated from HEC, Anne worked for several years as companies’ manager (auditing, CFO, manager of SME).
She now teaches French to high profile foreigners, which appears to be a very stimulating job for her, especially within the Dynamo concept. Her former experiences are often useful.

Muriel FAYOL

Muriel French teacher - English teacher
Muriel has 15 years of experiment in teaching, 10 of which as a Course Director in language school. After 18 years as an expat and a career exclusively dedicated to teaching English, she does not regret her choice and truly enjoys sharing and discovering each student’s cultural richness. She now teaches French as a foreign language.


Yvon Spanish teacher - French teacher
With a MA in Spanish language and French as a Foreign language (FFL), Yvon taught French during 2 years in the Alliance Française of Guatemala-City. Back in France, he taught FFL at The University of Pau, at Business School of Pau, and to high-profile executives working for Elf and Total.


Patricia French teacher
More than 15 years experience in adult training in France & abroad. Master in Adult Psychopedagogy, Strategy & Training engineering, FFL Specialisation PRO FLE (CIEP).
Patricia worked as a consultant for more than 10 years in Communication & Management, then as a pedagogical engineer for an oil & gas company.


Sandra French teacher

Sandra has a Master 2 in French as foreign language. She worked as a French teacher at the Alliance Française of Concepcion del Uruguay in Argentina and at the Alliance Française of Port-Vila in Vanuatu. She also taught French with specifics objectives to ni-vanuatu public administration workers and companies.

Emanuelle BRARD



Emanuelle French teacher - Mandarin teacher
Bilingual in Mandarin, Emanuelle spent five years in China where she taught French as a foreign language. She has a Master degree in Mandarin. She wants to pass down her vision of Manddarin: a language that is more different than difficult; While continuing to teach the FLE.