Teachers in PARIS


Olivia French teacher
Olivia has a two-year Master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language from the Sorbonne. She lived in Morocco for 4 years and has made numerous trips to the USA. She has considerable experience of language teaching.

Alexandra HAYETTE

Alexandra French teacher
Alexandra has a Master in French as a Foreign Language (FFL), Art History and archaeology, she also has a degree of “Capacity to teach French as a Foreign Language). She has lived in South Corea for 6 years where she worked as a FFL teacher for the “Alliance française”.She also taught French in Belgium and England.


carineFrench teacher

Master in LCE (Lettres et civilisation étrangères), superior Degree in International Business and a Master in Management. She taught French for 1 year in Australia. Thanks to her experience within big international companies, she gained a good knowledge of foreign markets. She is fluent in English, German and Spanish.



French teacher

Bachelor in Modern Litterature and a Master in French as a Foreign language ; Anna has been teaching French over the past years in France as well as abroad. She is highly passionate about languages; she has taught professionals from various backgrounds. Anna has been part of Dynamo’s team since July 2016.

Géraldine DESILLE

AnnaFrench teacher

Graduated from « L’Ecole Française des Attachés de Pressé », Géraldine also has the DAEFLE from the Alliance Française as well as a Master’s degree in FLE. She lived for 3 years in Spain, 4 years in South Corea where she taught French. Géraldine has been teaching French in Paris since 2014.


Amel English teacher

Amel has more than 16 years of experience teaching English, mainly in business schools (ESG, ISCOM, ESPUB...) and in instiutions preparing for entrance exams to top schools (IPESUP, PREPASUP), as well as at the university (Master students in International Relations at Paris. Amel has taught to business professionals for more than 7 years.